For this assignment, I chose to review I did my initial search on my iPad and followed up on my PC; more on that in just a bit.  The learning object I chose is titled A Multigenerational Workforce: Bridging the Gaps and Breaking Down the Generations.  As a corporate trainer, I am dealing with a multigenerational team and I was interested in what information was available.    


The page itself was not super sleek but it sure did have some great information.  All of the learning objects are suitable for an individual lesson or as a module that along with the other bite-sized modules would form a full eLearning course (Pappas, 2018).  


I first logged in to Merlot on my iPad.  I explored the site, found an interesting subject, and sat down to write my review I used my PC.  The interface was completely different and I could not find my topic.  I was able to email myself the link but that seems like a lot of work.  Additionally, not all the objects can be edited.


This was more of a resource than a fully formed learning object, very similar to a Pinterest board. There was good information but the instructional designer would need to piece together the information.  I would prefer to see fully formed learning objects, grouped by type, and cohesive in style.

If you would like to see the page yourself, the link is below.


Pappas, C. (2018, March 16). Developing Reusable Learning Objects: 9 Characteristics To Consider. Retrieved May 14, 2020, from

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